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Instructional and Communication Design

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Change happens fast and online training and communication tools are essential for getting your teams, investors, and customers up to speed.

Our Rapid Knowledge Transfer service works to meet this challenge with innovative and repurpose ready digital on-demand experiences that effectively transfer valuable knowledge while also engaging learners in activities that build practical experience.

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Rapid Knowledge Transfer service is not simply a solution to help you meet compliance or check-off the process of on-boarding new employees. Our online training process is about creating and managing on-demand learning experiences that support memory retention and experience building processes.

We also believe that your employees are not the only learners you need to engage. Customers, inventors, and community centers should also benefit from the content produced to teach in-house audiences.

Producing effective and engaging on-demand digital content is a long-term investment in digital production, strategy, and data analysis that supports continuous improvement. Our service is designed to support a comprehensive training and communications strategy that is leveraged by the entire organization to support all of the audience groups that matter to your business.

Your investment in Rapid Knowledge Transfer services will continue to provide greater benefits and valuable data about your learners as the exposure and use of the content grows over time.

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